Affiliate Disclosure

At LogoVerily, we believe in being fully transparent about our affiliate marketing partnerships. This page provides important disclosures about how we operate our affiliate program in compliance with guidelines.

What is an Affiliate?

An affiliate is a third-party individual or company that earns a commission for promoting and referring customers to a business or product. Here at LogoVerily, we frequently collaborate with affiliates who share our passion for exceptional branding and logo design.

Our Affiliate Relationships

LogoVerily maintains financial relationships with various companies, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and influencers whose products or services align with our own offerings. When an affiliate refers a visitor or customer to LogoVerily through an affiliate link or promo code, we may compensate the affiliate with a commission if that referral results in a paid engagement.

Affiliate Links & Promo Codes

Some of the links and promo codes on this website are affiliate links/codes. This means if you choose to make a purchase or submit a project request through one of these special tracking links/codes, LogoVerily will provide the referring affiliate website/person a small commission as a result of the successful referral.

Our Promise to You

Please rest assured that our affiliate relationships in no way influence the information or opinions we provide. LogoVerily is committed to only recommending and promoting products, services, and companies that we truly believe in. We have high standards for our affiliate partnerships and never allow third parties to dictate our content.

Our reviews, recommendations, and branding advice will always be based on our team’s hands-on experience and expertise in the logo design and branding industry. We aim to consistently provide authentic, trustworthy, and valuable guidance to our audience.

If you have any other questions about our affiliate disclosure, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]. We’re happy to address any concerns or provide additional details.